Juan EU Konek


Juan EU Konek (Winner of the "Best Regular TV Program" at the Migration, Advocacy & Media awards 2014) is an in-depth look into the Filipino expatriate in Europe, documenting his rich and varied experiences assimilating into a dynamic and foreign culture. Introspective as well as highly entertaining, Juan EU Konek explores the Filipino’s triumphs and struggles on the European continent. 


From the political to the personal, Juan EU Konek brings the diaspora closer, connecting Filipinos worldwide through their powerful stories of success and survival. The first of its kind for TFC Europe, Juan EU Konek is a 45-minute programme divided into three long-form segments, hosted by ABS-CBN Europe’s experienced team of journalists. 


ABS-CBN Europe and Middle East news bureau chief Danny Buenafe reports on the major political and social issues that impact the lives of Filipinos in the EU, tackling labour and economic  concerns such as the plight of migrant domestic workers in the UK and the repercussions of Spain’s lingering economic downturn on Filipino families there. 

Meanwhile, senior correspondent Rose Eclarinal, the show’s executive producer, features the personal stories of triumph and success and the many, interesting lifestyles of the Filipino in Europe. Whether following the new Filipino leads of the West End revival of the hit musical Miss Saigon, or probing the psyche of Pinoy transsexuals in the UK, Eclarinal offers revealing portraits of Filipino life in Europe.





A highlight of the programme is the regular segment, Immigration 101, on immigration matters, hosted by legal consultant and long-time community leader Gene Alcantara. Immigration 101 offers case studies, insight and advice into EU immigration laws, shedding light on such immigration concerns as work permits, travel restriction, spousal visas and changes to European laws. 


Juan EU Konek showcases the strengths of the veteran journalists’ team in long-form reporting, a departure from the regular short news format.  The show is spun off the commemorative episodes Rose Eclarinal produced for TFC’s 20th anniversary in June, featuring longer stories on Filipinos in Europe. TFC subsequently decided to incorporate the show into its regular programming. The first episode of Juan EU Konek debuted on the TFC channel on December 22 and December 29, 2013 as a two-part year-end special for Europe News Bureau. 


The  show is an opportunity to showcase in detail the lives of Filipinos in Europe, in a format that allows the show’s reporters to bring out to the fullest their stories, aspirations and concerns.


As a  magazine format, Juan EU Konek goes beyond the mere news item. It’s a medium  to further tell the story of overseas Filipinos at length, their triumphs and failures, how they cope with foreign cultures and  how they connect with their families back home. 


Juan EU Konek  is produced by JREM Productions Ltd.  exclusively for TFC. Juan EU Konek is shown in Europe and Middle East via satellite and available of TFC’s IPTV  and  Globally via TFC.TV


It airs every first Sunday of the month, 9:05 p.m. UK, 10:05 p.m. Rome and 11:05 p.m. Saudi Arabia, with replay the following Saturday on ABS-CBN News Channel at 11:00 p.m. Manila.


Soundtrack "PAGLALAKBAY" is composed by Port Mallillin and co-written by Rose Eclarinal. Available to download now on all digital stores including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.


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Composed by Jun Mallillin

Written by Port Mallillin


Produced by Denmark Alejandro